JSC “Amber Talvis”, being one of the largest Russian producers of rectified ethyl alcohol from edible raw material (grain), invites grain suppliers for cooperation on the conditions listed below.

JSC “Amber Talvis” purchases the following grains on an ongoing basis:

  • Wheat of the 5th class, corresponding to GOST R 9353-2016;
  • Corn complying with GOST 13634-90.

Aggregate monthly demand: up to 7000 tons of grain.

Delivery: by the supplier’s transport to the buyer’s warehouse.

Delivery address: Tambov region, Tambov district, settlement New Lyada, st. Sovietskaya, 184e.

Form of payment: bank transfer, directly to the current account of the supplier.

Quality: The supplied grain must be free from foreign odors and from any pests, poisonous, harmful substances, chemicals and pesticides, and have a content of trash impurities of no more than 5%. If the content of trash impurities is more than 5%, the acceptance of grain can be carried out with a reduction in price by agreement of the parties.

Grain moisture: wheat – no more than 14%; corn – no more than 15%.

Purchase price: set by additional written agreements of the parties to the supply agreement, based on the market price of grain at the time of agreement. When agreeing on the purchase price of grain, Amber Talvis is guided by the average purchase price of grain of similar quality by large processing enterprises of the Tambov region and adjacent regions (taking into account the adjustment for transport costs when delivering from other regions).

Terms of payment: after the fact of delivery, the payment term is established by written agreements of the parties to the delivery contract, but not more than 30 calendar days from the date of delivery.

Each grain delivery must be accompanied by the following documents, duly executed by the supplier:

  • invoice (if the supplier is a value added taxpayer);
  • consignment note (according to the form No. TORG-12);
  • consignment note (grain) in the form approved by the order of JSC “Talvis” No. 23 dated 31.03.2021;
  • bill of lading in the form approved by Appendix No. 4 to the Rules for the carriage of goods by road, approved. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 21.12.2020 No. 2200 (if the delivery of the Goods is carried out by the Supplier with its own or leased transport, the specified bill of lading is not drawn up and is not presented to the Buyer).

Instead of an invoice and a consignment note (TORG-12), it is allowed to draw up and provide a universal transfer document (UPD) in the form recommended by the Letter of the Federal Tax Service dated October 21, 2013 No. ММВ-20-3 / 96 @.

When supplying grain from outside the Tambov region, a quarantine certificate is additionally provided for each batch of grain (transport unit, car, wagon).

When concluding supply contracts, Amber Talvis is guided by the principle of excluding work with “fly-by-night companies” and with other dishonest taxpayers (suppliers who do not fulfill or improperly fulfill their tax obligations). In this connection, in order to conclude a grain supply agreement, the supplier must provide a set of documents confirming not only the supplier’s legal capacity, but also documents confirming the economic independence and conscientiousness of the supplier.

If you are interested in this offer, and you are ready for cooperation, please contact JSC “Amber Talvis” for the purchase of grain to conclude a supply agreement:

  • at the address: Tambov region, Tambov district, settlement New Lyada, st. Sovetskaya, 184e, administrative building. 
  • by phone: +7 (4752) 656-131, +7 (4752) 656-196.

You can also ask questions and send your suggestions by e-mail:
or by fax: +7 (4752) 656-198. 


Standard form of a grain supply agreement (download).

The form of the consignment note (grain) approved by the order of JSC “Talvis” No. 23 dated March 31, 2021 (download).