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Joint stock company “Amber Talvis”(JSC “Amber Talvis”) is a producer of rectified ethyl alcohol of Lux and Alpha grades, and is one of the ten largest alcohol producers in Russia.

The high quality of alcohols is confirmed by numerous awards and is supported by an efficiently functioning quality management system, as a result of which JSC Talvis ensures that its products meet the growing requirements of consumers.

The structure of JSC “Amber Talvis” includes a new alcohol production, located in the settlement Novaya Lyada, Tambov district, Tambov region, with a capacity of 10,000 decalitres per day. It was commissioned in June 2009 and is a symbiosis of the best Russian traditions of alcohol production and modern technologically innovative equipment.

The enterprise has introduced a system for processing production waste (distillery stillage) into an independent and demanded product for livestock breeding – high-protein distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS), corresponding to GOST 31809-2012 “Nutrient stillage. Specifications”.

On the pages of this site you can get acquainted with the manufactured products, advanced technological solutions for alcohol production, as well as with more than a century of history of JSC “Amber Talvis”.

Our History

The history of JSC “Amber Talvis” from its beginnings to the present day is more than 100 years old. In 1899, a wine warehouse was organized in Tambov, in the premises of which in 1904 the production and bottling of “bread wine” were delivered.

Having come a long way, small workshops have turned into a large enterprise for the production of alcoholic beverages due to reconstruction and technical re-equipment. In 1992, on the basis of the Tambov production association of the alcohol and alcoholic beverage industry, OJSC “Tambov distillery enterprise “Talvis” was established.

Since August 8, 2017, the name of the enterprise has been changed to Tambov Alcohol Enterprise Joint Stock “Talvis “ (JSC “ Talvis “ ).

In 2006 JSC “Talvis” was the first of the alcohol enterprises in Russia to start mass production of alcohol “Alpha”.

Today JSC “Amber Talvis” is part of the Amber Beverage Group.

The acquisition of Talvis JSC in 2003 of the first place in the production of rectified alcohol from food raw materials in Russia coincided with the decision of the group’s management to build a distillery in the Tambov region.

The new plant, located in the working village of Novaya Lyada, Tambov District, Tambov Region, was commissioned in June 2009.

The new plant specializes in the production of high-quality alcohols of the “Lux” and “Alpha” class. The plant’s capacity is 10,000 decalitres per day. The by-products of alcohol production are the head fraction of ethyl alcohol (FGES) and fusel oil, which are sold on the Russian market.

In addition, thanks to a modern system for processing waste from distillery stillage, the plant produces dry granular distillery stillage, which is a valuable feed protein for livestock farms.

JSC “Amber Talvis” stands out in the Russian market for its minimization of negative impact on the environment due to:

  • complete processing of alcohol production waste;
  • wastewater treatment at biological treatment facilities (EnviroChemie);
  • energy saving technologies at all stages of production.

The high quality indicators of the alcohols produced are the result of the use of grain from the regions of the Central Black Earth Region and the Volga Region, which are traditionally famous for the highest quality grain crops, as raw materials; application of continuous fermentation technology, vacuum rectification in the production process; installation of modern high-tech equipment; as well as high professionalism of JSC “Amber Talvis” personnel.

Key facts

  • 3m

    3mDAL of spirit production

  • Top 10

    Top 10of spirits producers

  • 78.7k

    78.7kton of grain processed

  • ~40%

    ~40%of production for export markets

  • >100

    >100years of experience

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